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[WINNER: Top 100 Ominous Valve Site!]

My friend LA semiotician (artist and social commentator) Hugh Stegman explores the pre-proto-post-post-modern in Hugh's Ominous Valve Works. Art, politics and radios; ominous valves were only the beginning . . . (See: The Eyemo Collection.)

“Skite, man! When we going stop hating and killing one another and come together to build we country?” Rosaliene Bacchus, US-Brazil trade expert (and member of our GLAWS Literary Fiction Critique Group) shares her remarkable personal and artistic story in A Writer's Journey: Guyana - Brazil - USA. Including a look at her novel-in-progress, set in the personal and political turmoil of Guyana's independence from Great Britain. (See: Critique Group.)

P. J. Fairbrother's enterprises include humorous science fiction about The AloeVeras, “a life-form descended from a very intelligent teasmade.” Starting with 'Anyone For Tea?' Bit of Python, bit of Hitchhiker's, bit of Red Dwarf, lots of fun. (See: Artists &Writers Showcase.)

[Cyber Excellence Award]

Joseph Goldberg, sysop of Milliways IIN (the BBS where Rowena first appeared), maintains The New House. “A loose association of interconnected individuals interested in the betterment of the human experience through dedication to the pursuit of absolute, pervasive, creative clarity.” (See: the Milliways Archives.)

Magician Ace Starry's motivational novel The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy has moved from the web to print. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” (See: Cyberbooks, Free Anthologies and Collected Works.)

Sites About Writing and Art

[H. G. Wells Award - No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else's draft.  H. G. Wells]

The talented and tasteful folks at KISS Websites (Keepitsimplestu...) have graciously conferred upon me their H. G. Wells Literary Award, “awarded with only one criterion: Literary Excellence.” Not many people get this one, so I'm seriously flattered here. (See: H. G. Wells Literary Award Winners Page.)

Art on the Net features mainly visual art, but with extensive (if somewhat dated) literature links. (See: Art.Net Links, Online Literature References.)

The Voice of the Shuttle at UCSB “provides a structured guide to online resources illuminating the interaction of humanities disciplines with the sciences and the new digital media.” (It's a really big list of cool and thoughtful links.) (See: Creative Writing, Fiction.)

Punk For It is “A Punk/Ska/Hardcore/Rock Forum etc ............. oh yeah Swing too.” With the occasional discussion of names . . . (See: Ste....) presents web comics, art, and the discusion thereof, with a certain . . . cattitude. (See: ToothyWiki: Rowena.)

I have no idea how to categorize this. Nerdworld gave me the first link that wasn't from a personal friend, in their Nerd Wide Web directory. “Your source for Nerdly Culture, Life, and Work Styles since 1995.” (See: Personal Pages -- Writing.) Rate Rowena Here. Is she a Super Nerdly Site?

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