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Sites For Women

Coffeerooms(sm) -- A gathering place for women, on the web
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Have some girl fun at The Coffeerooms, “a gathering place for women, on the web.” They even have a section for Port Charles, the only soap opera I could ever stand. (See: Hot Mugs WebGuide: Art - Entertainment : Humor.)

Skeptical Sites

Discordian Jim Lippard maintains a directory of Skeptical Information Links. Categories from Alternative Medicine to UFOlogy. (See: Fun and Games.)

You remember that place where you could call them and they'd tell your future? The Skeptic Friends Network definitely isn't it. (See: Personal Sites.)

Some Nice People's Personal Home Pages

Frank Henriquez. One of Rowena's original fans back on the BBS. (See: Frank's Links.)

Abrash Home Page. One of my first readers on the web. (See: Victor Abrash.)

Lauralee. Posts a bunch of links.

Kat's Mystic Fortress is devoted mainly to vitual pets. Like those robot dogs, and Data from Star Trek. (See: WhoAmi.)

Adam Cohoon blogs it up on ARC'S REVUE. (See: January 2005.)

Rowena gets a mention on khakipants' livejournal. Actually, lunarcamel posted Rowena's url, just after a comment by someone called wowbagger which is a HitchHiker's reference. While on another part of LiveJournal someone called bill_fiasco (whom they probably don't even know) posted the Lemur Picture to samuraitiki's blog without a clickable link to Rowena. (See: mushbrains.)

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Michelle!!!! From the available clues, this site was created in mid-to-late 2000. I wonder if Michelle still visits Rowena's Page, or ever thinks about the site she threw together in her high school comp-sci class to show them she wasn't such a ditz. (See: My Stories Page.)

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