S. D. Youngren

[Image: S. D. Youngren reading to her rabbit Wentworth.]


I am S. D. Youngren.

I write short stories and humor columns, make hiking videos, and occasionally share literature with rabbits.

Rowena's Page

Cover art for Rowena Gets a Life:  A lemur holds an electric hand mixer.The major thing you can find here on sdy.org is the online presentation of my short story series, Rowena's Page, “A continuing series of mostly-funny short stories about a young woman's life.”

Volume I of the stories, Rowena Gets a Life, is also available in trade paperback. It can be purchased online or special-ordered through Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Glam Cam

Maralynne's Magic Mirror.  Knows all, answers yes or no.You should also take a few minutes to visit the “commercial sister” site to Rowena's Page, GlamCam.com, where Rowena's more commercial sister, Maralynne, the New Age camgirl, takes the stage in a satire of web culture and the search for fame.

Maralynne will even answer questions through her Magic Mirror (if she knows and cares). But watch out! Big stars can be rude!

Southern Humorists

Southern Humorists - Writers so funny you'll laugh like a pig!I'm pleased to be a member of the Southern Humorists writers group, and a frequent contributor to their E-Zine, the Dixie Dispatch.

How did I, a life-long Californian, become a Southern Humorist? Well, I'll tell you.

“Reopening negotiations with the North -
One Laugh at a time.”


YouTube: Mark and Shelley HikeMy husband and I also have a YouTube channel, Mark and Shelley Hike, where we post (not surprisingly) videos of our hikes and other outdoor activities.

About Me

If you're curious about me personally, there's an about the author on Rowena's Page, complete with a “teenager style” homepage my husband did to embarass me.

If you wish to contact me, here's how:

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