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A continuing series of mostly-funny short stories about a young woman's life. Featuring problem parents, crazy coworkers, a few good friends, a very nice young man, and the occasional lemur. Read them for free on line, or buy them in paperback.

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“This is my life, Mom. Not a Jane Austen novel.”

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Volume I (2000)
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Volume II (2006)
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Volume III (In Progress)
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Rowena's life is all one story, but her adventures are grouped into novel-length volumes. Click the lemur pictures for a synopsis of each, or choose your reading format from the links below the pictures.


The Latest Adventures

Book 8, Parts 12 & 13

Being engaged makes you a Relationship Expert, right? And Maralynne's web site appeals to computer guys, right? So when Boris finds the GlamCam, Rowena Mediates A Dispute between him and Sara . . . . . . right.

Preparing for a wedding and law school while still doing your job is a lot of work. And someone's friends think all work makes Jack Sammy a dull boy. So Rowena Helps With A Surprise. If only the world would cooperate!


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The Story So Far

Do you ever feel like the whole world is nuts? Rowena does. Her coworkers bicker for sport, her sister's an Astrology junkie, and her Mother . . . Follow the adventures as she attempts to start her life, with help and hindrance from her family, friends, co-workers and the occasional lemur.

[Line -- Couple flies a kite.]

Rowena's Page is a series of mostly-funny short stories, grouped into novel length volumes and novella length “books.” It is original web-published fiction; part e-zine, part e-book series, with maybe just a dash of cybersoap.

[Cover -- Lemur holds an electric hand mixer.]

Volume I: Rowena Gets A Life

V.I: Table of Contents.
First Story: Rowena Cooks A Meal.

Also available in paperback.


Post-college, pre-marriage, Rowena tries to establish an adult life despite her family's attempts to help.

In Book 1 we meet Rowena: harassed by her mother about catching a man, intimidated on the job by the boss's formidable secretary, bugged by her movie-star-wannabe younger sister, and supported against them all by her best friend, Terese. On an impulse trip to the zoo, she meets a surprisingly nice young man named Sammy in front of a cage full of enraged lemurs. Her mother steals his phone number and implores him to call her, but he asks her out anyway.

In Book 2 Rowena runs the new-relationship gauntlet. The disasterous dinner bringing Sammy to meet her family. The tense meeting with his nice, but emotionally delicate, mother. Terese's skepticism. And their first time in bed.

In Book 3 she deals with crazies on the job, familial eccentricity, and the realization that Sammy might be more than just a date.

In Book 4 Rowena tries to help her sister, Maralynne, who has been dumped by her boyfriend. Much to Sammy's annonyance, Maralynne and her doubtful psychic decide that he would be the perfect replacement. Rowena works to resolve the crisis without wrecking anything but the psychic's peace of mind.

In Book 5 Rowena continues to secure her relationship with Sammy, and finally draws an admission from her mother that someday she'll have a life of her own.

[Cover -- A lemur holds a key.]

Volume II: Rowena Gets Serious

V.II: Table of Contents.
First Story: Rowena Goes To A Wedding.


Reluctant to get married because of her mother's pressure, Rowena agrees to move in with Sammy, and finds that neither of the two is so easily put off.

In Book 6 Rowena and Sammy begin to define their life together. Sammy asks her to marry him, but she can't face the fear of becoming her mother, and asks for more time. His alternate offer of moving in together she cannot refuse, but it too comes with challenges: finding an apartment to share, telling her parents, introducing his cat to her dog, and the scariest part of all . . . the house-warming party!

In Book 7 Rowena finds that living with Sammy is all that she'd hoped it would be, but not everyone concurs. Cornered by her friends about rejecting Sammy's proposal, she is forced to admit that her reasons were foolish. They extract a promise not to reject him again (without a good reason), and immediatly start planning the wedding. Rowena is content to wait, but then Sammy hesitates to accept her help on a career opportunity. Has she made a mistake for them both?

[Cover -- A lemur holds flowers.]

Volume III: Rowena Gets Married

V.III: Table of Contents.
First Story: Rowena Goes Public.

In Progress

Officially engaged, Rowena tries to have an actual wedding without eloping or killing anyone.

In Book 8 Rowena starts life as a fiancée. Step one: Get caught by her co-workers wearing an engagement ring . . .

The stories are continuing:
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