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Rowena is sort of getting the hang of life, don't you think? Still, there's a lot left to do between now and her Very Special Day. Can she handle it all? You know, I'll bet she can!

A bit of news abut me: I'm participating in a review site called Web Fiction Guide, where (naturally enough) people review web-published fiction. The reviews are (mostly) thoughtful and informative, and there are a good number of active members. You can visit my “Shelves” to see what I'm up to, and I'm usually around somewhere on the Forum. Check it out.

[Cover Art -- Karaoke Pizza Rabbit.] Interested in more of my stuff? Buy my “other” book, Karaoke Pizza Rabbit, available from It's got ten short stories not available on the web (including three Rowena extras), and fourteen humor pieces I did for the Southern Humorists writer's group, and their e-zine the Dixie Dispatch. Plus there's our sister site (featuring Rowena's more commercial sister).

If you're curious about where the stories started (and why I started them), check out our About the Stories page. There's a bit of information about me personally on About the Author. And you should definitely take some time to check out some of the sites that are kind enough to link to Rowena's Page.

Thanks for reading!


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