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Rowena Gets A Haircut

Fiction by S. D. Youngren

Rowena went to get her hair done. Her mother, in despair over Rowena's “cheap” haircuts, had given her a gift certificate for her own, more expensive salon, to see the only man she trusted, her Mr. Jonathan. Rowena's mother, very excited, wanted to go along, but Rowena put her foot down. She was going in order to keep the peace and because it was free, but she did not want them outnumbering her.

But Mr. Jonathan, as it happened, was home sick. The receptionist directed her instead to a Mr. Roger.

“Hello,” said Mr. Roger. “How are you today?”

“Fine,” said Rowena. “I'd like—”

“Now then,” Mr. Roger said. “Let's take a look at you.” He peered at Rowena from various angles, frowning slightly. “What we have to do, you see,” he continued, “is discover your Personal Style. You see what I'm saying, dear?”

“Well, I—”

“What we want to do is let out the true you.”

“Uh-huh,” said Rowena.

He disappeared behind her, then drifted back into view. “You have red hair,” he said. “This is the natural color, isn't it? It's lovely; it's a lovely red, and you know, that makes you a high-energy person. Quick, impatient, maybe a bit impetuous.”

“Look—” said Rowena.

“We're going to set you free, dear,” said Mr. Roger. “Free to be yourself; free to follow your impulses. Your Personal Style, you see.” He looked at her again, his head to one side. “Tell me, what is it you really want?”

“I want my hair cut,” said Rowena. “I want you to leave as much—”

“Headstrong,” observed Mr. Roger. “Tending towards short-tempered.”

“I want as much of the length left as possible. Just—”

“Long hair is nice,” said Mr. Roger.

“Yes, it is. And I want mine long. So—”

“Short hair is nice too.”

@>--->---          @>--->---          @>--->---

Rowena spent three hours with Mr. Roger. By the time she got home, she and her hair were both frazzled.

She told her mother what had happened.

“Oh, dear,” said her mother. “Mr. Roger is really not a very good stylist.”

“Why didn't you warn me about him?”

“Rowena, how can you be so angry with Mr. Roger? He may have ruined your hair, but he's such a nice man.”

Rowena rolled her eyes heavenwards, pulled her remaining hair up on top of her head and held it there with both hands. “Can I borrow your hat?” she asked.


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