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The Rowena stories are a work-in-progress which began appearing in 1991 on Milliways IIN, a one line dial-in Bulletin Board System. An e-mail correspondent who happened to be running a serialized adventure on his telephone answering machine made a series of my own—posted anonymously and unrelated to my other writing projects—look like a lot of fun.

 mw:connect 1200 baud
 ** Note: the voting segment is going to be flaky. be prepared!

                                                  (Milliways IIN shall not die.)

                     MM     MM        WW   W   WW
 Eat At . . . . . . MM.M. .M.MM . . . WW. .W. .WW . . . . . . . .
          /         MM  M M  MM       WW  W W  WW             /|
         /          MM   M   MM       WW W   W WW            / |
        /           MM   M   MM        WW     WW            /  |
       /                                                   /   |
      /__ |\/| i l l i w a y s   i i n ___________________/    |_____
      |                                                   |   /     /|
      |  Incense and innocence and nonsense.              |  /     //|
      |  Picking flowers, picket signs and picture shows. | /_____// |
      |  Caring souls and carousels and common sense.     | |=====|  |
      |  Paranoia, paradise, impassioned prose.           | |.|/  |  | 
      |  Green leaves and golden rules and governments.   | | /   | 
      |                                                   | |/    |
      |  So it goes...                                    | /

                                              (from Sojourn's End, by Mujishans)

    -*>        You are:    Empress of Entropy

So as not to confuse infrequent callers, I started the project as a series of loosely connected stories, each intended to stand alone, with no chronology. This changed when a Title a Rowena Story contest (winner determined by popular vote) was won, very handily, by the movie-title pun “Rowena and Sammy Get Laid.” Rowena didn't know anybody named Sammy. And I couldn't see her having a one-night stand. So despite myself I started framing a larger story. Not a novel exactly, just a series of stories with a connecting plot. Rowena got a life.

H'mmmm. Sounds like another title.

 Title for Rowena #5?

   -- Rowena

 Present standings from 13 voters:

 7%:   1) Annie Hall.                                         - Radio Free Willy
 23%:  2) rowena flies the hydroplane,back in time for dinner - god
 23%:  3) "Rowena and Sammy Get Laid"                         - Empress of Entro
 7%:   4) Rowena eats a Payday for a new hat                  - Cheese Man
 7%:   5) Rowena goes to the zoo.                             - Kurt Meister
 7%:   6) Why Killing Parents is Not A Crime                  - /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
 15%:  7) So                                                  - Joseph
 7%:   8) Rowena meets ANTHRAXUS (see NevEndStry)             - NIKO

Anyway, Milliways was a small BBS with no archives, and the Rowena stories were getting not only more numerous but bigger and more involved. I started getting pestered to “do something” with them. And I wanted to try them out on a larger audience. The Web seemed a natural new environment for Rowena, especially given the loosely-linked nature of the stories and their online beginnings. Though these are still basically separate stories, it would probably be a good idea to read them in order. This is not a magazine, by the way; nothing will expire. Updates will simply add to the list of stories. Most additions will probably be placed at the end of the list, though some will go elsewhere as seems fitting. When in doubt, check What's New.

If you're curious there's More About The Stories. Many nice people have linked to Rowena, find out about them on the Links Page.

Special thanks to...

My fellow Milliwayers for their help, encouragement, and comments, especially 000, who told me to go for it, Frank, god, Electrolux 137, Radio Free Willy, Copperhead, and Lorei (and her friends) for kind remarks, and to Joseph, for being our Sysop/ringmaster. Also to the Happy Diners / friends-and-relations (Hugh & La, Harris, David, Rolf & Lynn) for lots of happy stuff plus moral support and beta-testing. For much-needed technical support and equipment, I'd also like to thank Harris and Richard. Finally, special thanks (as always) to my husband, Mark, whose general involvement in all phases has been simply staggering.

--S. D. Youngren

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