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Some of the stories presented on Rowena's Page are selections from:

TitleRegistered with the
US Copyright Office
Rowena Gets CollectedOctober1995
Rowena Gets AugmentedAugust1996
Rowena Gets ExtendedJanuary1997
Rowena Gets ExpandedJuly1997
Rowena Gets FortifiedFebruary1998
Rowena Gets MagnifiedAugust1998
Rowena Goes On VacationJanuary1999
Rowena Sees A PlayAugust1999
Rowena Gets UpgradedFebruary2000
Rowena Gets DomesticAugust2000
Rowena Makes Some PlansMarch2001
Rowena Breaks Some News August2001
Rowena Warms Her HomeJune2002
Rowena Takes A TripOctober2003

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