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The First Rowena Story

More or less as you would have encountered it on the “wall” section of Milliways BBS.

 Good evening. May I take your order, Ma'am?

 \__mw: wall

 Very well...

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 At least the Wall isn't goobered up too...
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         Will you walk a little faster? said the whiting to the snail/there's a
 porpoise close behind us, and he's treading on my tail.

                 Rowena Has A Dream
         Rowena dreamed one night that she was five years old.  She had long
 brown braids and a pretty blue gingham dress; she lived in the 1800's and her
 name was Mady.
         When she woke she felt dissatisfied with her life.
         Just after breakfast her mother dropped by without warning, and Rowena
 sat and listened to her talk, her eyes on a crack in her coffee cup.
         "Mom," she said finally, fixing on the one thing that was really
 somebody's fault, "Why did you name me 'Rowena?'"
         "Such a name," her mother said.  "I never liked it.  'Rowena.'  Whoever 
 heard of a name like that?"
         "Then it was Daddy's idea?"
         "Oh, no.  Dreadful as your father's tastes are, he doesn't like it
         "So who did?  And why'd you name me something you didn't like?"
         "Oh, we didn't name you, dear.  That was your so-called 'Biographer's'
         "Didn't we tell you?  You weren't, you know, *born* or anything.  Dear,
         Rowena sat with her hands wrapped around the cracked cup.  Her mind
 boomed and echoed with nothing.
         "No," her mother was saying, "I was hoping that bozo would write us a
 daughter named Ashley Alexis.  Your father wanted Hortense Alberta, after his
         Rowena shut her eyes and cursed softly.

 This is all sooooooooo confusing. Joe-Seph, would you be a good big brother and
 explain it?

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 Does Mr. Ed really surf?

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  4) no.  did i ever tell you about the best lizard?     - thok
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  8) ^^superfluous                                       - Joseph

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