Rowena's Page Volume I

[Cover -- Lemur holds an electric hand mixer.]

Rowena Gets A Life

Fiction by S. D. Youngren

Volume I of Rowena's Page.

Also available in paperback.

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Table of Contents

[Line -- Ants confront a Tiger.]

Book 1:
Rowena's Life

Three more people rushed past. Rowena looked around, expecting to see driver ants or at least a tiger.
Rowena Cooks A Meal
Rowena Gets A Haircut
Rowena Becomes A Proto-Aunt
Rowena Goes To Work
Rowena Chooses Between Coffee And Tea
Rowena Gives A Report
Rowena Visits Her Aunt
Rowena Goes To The Zoo
Rowena Has A Caller

[Line -- Couple flies a kite.]

Book 2:
Rowena Gets A Boyfriend

‘Sammy? Mother, I have gone out with Sammy exactly once.’
Rowena Gets Advice
Rowena Has A Busy Day
Rowena Goes To Dinner
Rowena Goes Shopping
Rowena Becomes Elvis-Proof
Rowena Meets Sammy's Mother
Rowena Gets An Answering Machine
Rowena Makes A Friend
Rowena Goes To Lunch
Rowena And Sammy Get Laid

[Line -- Cat rejects scissors.]

Book 3:
Rowena Deals With Life

‘Put the cat down,’ ordered Rowena. ‘And the scissors too.’
Rowena Plays With Her Dog
Rowena Gets Abducted By Aliens
Rowena Looks At Pictures
Rowena Visits With Her Dad
Rowena Catches Cold
Rowena Minds Some Children
Rowena Has A Birthday
Rowena Gets Invaded

[Line -- Distraught Blonde telephones Redhead.]

Book 4:
Rowena Tries To Help Her Sister

‘Why was I even born?’ Maralynne wailed.
Rowena Gets A Reading
Rowena Gives A Lesson
Rowena Goes On The Town
Rowena Goes To A Party
Rowena Plays Hostess
Rowena Watches TV
Rowena Gets Tough
Rowena Goes To The Vet
Rowena Goes To A Show
Rowena Gets A Present
Rowena Defies Fate

[Line -- Couple on swings is photographed by friend.]

Book 5:
Rowena Moves Closer

‘What a way to speak to your young man’ said Aunt Glad, but she was laughing.
Rowena Gets A Valentine
Rowena Hears A Rumor
Rowena Plays Nurse
Rowena Pays A Call
Rowena Goes To A Movie
Rowena Goes On Vacation
Rowena Looks At Bugs
Rowena Has A Dispute
Rowena Sees A Play
Rowena Meets Some People
Rowena Writes A Letter
Rowena Gets Upgraded
Rowena Has An Accident
Rowena Helps Celebrate

The stories continue in
Volume II:Rowena Gets Serious.

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